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Opening the Door to the Frana Wall Plant

Our people recognized a pressing need to stabilize what threatened to become constant increases in materials and labor costs. In early 2000 we opened the first pre-fabricated wall plant in the Midwest and have invested more than $2,000,000 in equipment for the more than 150 highly experienced, top quality carpenters we employ to work our crews.

We work closely with your project team and your plans to make sure everything can be built to your wishes. We thoroughly check all plans through actual layout in our plant to assure accuracy with our pre-built walls. If something in your plan isn’t working, we’ll resolve those issues prior to building the walls.

  • We use only the highest grade lumber available.
  • All walls are built with the highest quality Exterior Sheathing that’s heavier and stronger than regular wallboard. And it’s engineered to resist mold as well.

Taking Extra Care

  • Tyvek Brand Building Wrap with all taped seams
  • Pre-formed membrane flashing integrally installed with Bithuthane membrane sills at all window installations.
  • Taped joints of building wrap to all head and jamb flashing at all window and door installations.
  • We never sub out this most critical part of the process.
  • By integrating our wall plant directly into our building process, we’re able to produce the highest possible quality wood-frame construction on budget and on time — and actually save our clients time and money.

“Innovative Craftsmanship” happens every day: One of our leading carpenter foremen invented a truss system that enabled us to use the wall plant to pre-fabricate entire corridor floor systems. It’s that kind of thinking that makes it possible for this extensive process to save our clients time and money.

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